11 Reasons to Shop Co-op

When it comes to feeding yourself and your family, you have options. We’re fortunate to live in an area where access to grocery stores is abundant and, generally, convenient. The East Aurora Co-op is thrilled to be able to fill our own niche within the community. With so many options, why should you shop here? Here are some of our favorite reasons.

  1. 1. Your money stays local. The co-op is community owned, and money spent here stays in the community. According to Stronger Together [http://strongertogether.coop/food-coops/food-co-op-impact-study], for every $1000 spent at your local co-op, $1600 is generated in economic activity. And that’s spending you can feel good about!
  2. 2. It’s a responsible choice. There are all kinds of responsibility. Paying your bills on time. Owning up to mistakes. Not letting the kids you’re babysitting play in the dryer. And then there’s the social and environmental responsibility that comes with your food choices. Whether it’s humanely sourced meat and dairy products, fair-trade chocolate and coffee, or local organic produce that uses less fuel to ship, shopping at the co-op is a great way to support sustainable farming and responsible sourcing.
  3. 3. You’ll learn what oranges are supposed to taste like. Spoiler alert: they’re delicious! Organic produce isn’t just about being pesticide-free. Conventional produce often takes a long, complicated journey before landing in your shopping cart. Certified organic produce is free of harsh pesticides and fertilizers, but it’s also grown from non-genetically engineered seeds and never irradiated. As a result, organic produce tastes the way nature intended it to. And because it comes from local, passionate farmers, it’s both really fresh and grown with every mom’s special ingredient – love!
  4. 4. Simple ingredients, simple choices. You know how sometimes you look at the list of ingredients on a box of mac and cheese and wonder which of those long words means “cheese?” The co-op is dedicated to offering choices made with simple ingredients that sound more like a recipe than a chemistry project. From our packaged goods to our prepared-in-store foods, you won’t struggle with deciding whether something is safe for your family.
  5. 5. Small store, simple choices. Yes, we know we already talked about simple choices. The co-op is a small store, so you won’t spend an hour searching for what you want. Get in, get out, and get home before your kids start whining that they’re hungry.
  6. 6. Wholesome home. We’re not just about food. We also offer home and personal products that you’ll feel good about. From earth-friendly cleaners to natural beauty products to pet foods that are worthy of your very best friend in the whole world, your home choices can match your great food choices.
  7. 7. Make new friends (and keep the old). If you’ve ever tried to make new friends as an adult, you know that the #1 piece of advice is to seek out people with similar interests. Interested in the community? Interested in learning more about your food? Interested in making good choices for your family’s meals? Enter: Co-op. Hello, new friend.
  8. 8. Your community is our community. We were founded and built by the community. We grow and thrive only as much as our community does. We’re dedicated to you. The co-op isn’t just a place to buy food, it’s a place for growth. We’ll offer classes in nutrition, healthy cooking concepts, canning, and more. You can take them with all your new co-op friends!
  9. 9. You’re more than just a customer. Oh, have we not mentioned the benefits of being a member-owner yet? First, every MO has voting rights – meaning it truly is YOUR store, and you have a voice in how it’s run. And co-ops don’t pocket profits; we reinvest them into the store or give them back to our MOs in annual returns. Plus, you get in-store benefits like access to special sales and coupons. Not a member yet? Click here!
  10. 10. We practice what we preach. We care about our community. That means we treat our employees fairly. We give to local non-profits and support causes that enhance our mission and sense of community. We source our products responsibly, try to reduce packaging, and recycle everything we can. We’re passionate about our community, and passion is contagious!
  11. 11. You know where your food comes from. You’ll develop your own favorite green bean farmer and bulk granola supplier. You’ll know where your fruits and vegetables were grown, where your dairy cows were raised, and where your snacks were made. Knowledge is power.

Everyone has their own reasons for choosing to shop at the co-op. What’s yours? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter – we love to hear from you!