Preparation for the annual meeting is definitely an “all hands on deck” event and the effort paid off as a solid contingent of member-owners, supporters, volunteers and board members gathered on a beautiful May evening to celebrate the accomplishments of the past year, as well as look to the future.

Charlie and familyWhile the annual meeting is essentially a business meeting, it is also a time to socialize and celebrate. Attendees enjoyed light refreshments, lined up to have their picture taken with an “I [heart] my co-op” or “my co-op rocks!” sign. Member-owners also had the opportunity to cast their ballots if they had not already done so.

The business portion of the meeting consisted of progress reports from board president Mary Aiken, project manager Sheila Conboy and treasurer Mike Benzin. Kathy Castle, board member and Nominating Committee chair, formally presented the slate of candidates.

Each report also indicated respective areas of effort: on the board, we continue to strengthen our foundation: refining our nominations and recruitment process, education and preparing ourselves to be in the best possible position to recruit, hire and work with a General Manager once we’ve secured a site and ensured funds for that site. Securing the site and conducting a member loan campaign shortly thereafter are top priorities for Sheila and the committees, while concurrently building membership and strengthening our ties in the community.

A question-and-answer period took place after the formal presentations. This provided a terrific opportunity for the board and organizers to hear what’s on your mind. In return, we were happy to have a room full of engaged listeners to hear our answers. It was a productive part of the evening!

Before everyone disbursed, door prize winners were drawn and announced. Congratulations to Marian Prezyna, winner of the $100 gift certificate to Lexington Co-op, and to Karen Hennig, winner of the membership to Explore & More. Our thanks to the folks at Lexington and Explore & More for their generous support!

Our sincere thanks, too, to everyone who contributed to the success of the evening. It is because of dedicated, generous people like you that this event went so smoothly and that this project is moving forward so well.

And The Winners Are….

The official ballot count for our first elections took place at the Mini Market on Friday, May 17. Member-owners in good standing were welcome to attend.

Susan and GerryThe Elections Committee was headed up by Kathy Castle and consisted of Greg Goggins, Carol Griffis, Joanie Long and Laura Salwen, all of whom conducted the count with great care and attention to detail. While this year’s election was unintentionally uncontested (as it may turn out to be from time to time), in the end, it provided an opportunity to identify a few areas we can improve upon for future elections.

Our thanks to all who participated in the process. As a democratically structured business, the nominations and elections process, whether contested or not, is an essential element of democratic member control – one of a growing number of ways in which you have an impact on the co-op.

Ted BrelsfordSo with the count complete, we are pleased to officially announce our new board members Ted Brelsford, Gerry Gallagher and Susan Swarts! We look forward to working with them as we continue to navigate through the startup phase, on our way to opening those doors!

If you have any thoughts or ideas for next year’s annual meeting or if you have an interest in or question for the board, we’d love to hear it! Please contact us at [email protected].