Our Annual Meeting took place on May 29, 2014. It was a beautiful spring evening, the event was well attended, and many of those present brought desserts to share, enjoying the opportunity to visit with one another.

The evening included presentations from Mary Aiken (President), Mike Benzin (Treasurer) and Sheila Conboy (Project Manager), all of whom conveyed our accomplishments for the past year as well as what’s ahead and what’s needed in order to take the next important steps toward opening our doors! You can read more about it in our annual report and in this month’s Project Update from Sheila.


Click the image to read our 2013 Annual Report.


Kathy Castle, our Nominating Committee Chair formally announced the slate of candidates and Mark Jaworski, the property owner of our newly announced site described his process and plans for the current tenants of the site.

During a question and answer period, many helpful questions were asked, covering topics from our nominations and elections process, our bylaws, our upcoming Capital Campaign and more. These questions give us insight into, as a transparent business, what we’re doing well and where we can improve. For future reference, we will post those questions and answers on our FAQ page soon.


Member-owners working on brainstorming activity: "What will the co-op look like, feel like and what value will it bring to our community?"

Member-owners working on brainstorming activity: “What will the co-op look like, feel like and what value will it bring to our community?”

To top off the evening, everyone participated in a brainstorming activity to learn what our member-owners are looking for in making the East Aurora Cooperative Market our community grocery store. Each table was asked to come up with ideas as to how they envisioned the co-op would look, feel, and in three words how they described the experience they’re hoping for when they shop at the East Aurora Cooperative Market. This important information helps set the stage for the design process for the store, with the aim of having it reflect our member-owners.

On Friday, May 30 at 4:30 p.m. at the EA Co-op Mini Market, the Elections Committee conducted the official vote tally. We’re pleased to welcome our new directors with the final results, as follows: new directors Derek Punaro and Jacob Keller received 218 and 222 votes respectively. Incumbents Jane Brewer and Mary Aiken received 231 and 233 votes respectively. There were also two write-in candidates, each of whom received one vote.

We are so grateful to the legion of board and committee members, volunteers, as well as our Project Manager and Events/Outreach Coordinator, all of whom made the evening and the Nominations and Elections process a success. Gratitude is also shared with those who participated in our brainstorming activity and to those who exercised their right to vote, whether in person at the meeting or by mail. You demonstrated your right to participate in the governance of this co-op that we all own together.

The coming year will be full of challenges and triumphs and we look forward to your continued participation to help bring the co-op ever closer to opening day! Here’s to sharing the results of everyone’s hard work at our 2015 annual meeting and elections!

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