Food for Thought Series

The Food for Thought series came out of a strong commitment to education about food choices, preparation and nutrition. This popular series, presented by the Town of Aurora Recreation Department and the East Aurora Cooperative Market, are back in action.

Up next: October 24
“Smart Switches”

Our own Holly Layer will be teaching you how to get the most nutrition with a few simple switches. Holly has started a blog series with us entitled “Eat This” and has posted nutritional information and recipes. Her most recent posts include great information about pumpkin and about Swiss Chard. Download your registration form here.

November 10
“Cook Once and Eat Twice” with Jo and Mary Ann

They will be presenting a cooking class in which participants will learn to make two meals from one set of ingredients. One of the questions we’re often asked is how can we eat well on a budget? We hope that this class will offer some solutions. Download your registration form here.

On November 16
“You Are What You Eat” with Rose Czyrny of Body Glyphix Studio

Rose, a Certified Holistic Practitioner and Herbalist, will discuss the importance of the pH factor in our bodies and how it affects our health and ability to ward off or fight diseases like cancer. You’ll discover foods and herbs that heal and improve our pH balance. Download your registration form here.

Remember, if you’re a member of the EA Co-op, you get a discount on the cost to attend the classes!

Preregistration and payment are required. Be sure to register early and invite a friend (or two…)!