This is it. Time to get down off that fence!

The Co-op’s Capital Campaign is scheduled to end on August 15. To date just about half of our members have either committed to making an investment or have said they couldn’t help this year. One of every four members is participating – which is just about what we expected, so we are of course thrilled with the support!

Yet it’s summer. And summer is probably the worst time of the year to try and reach people. But that’s how the cards were dealt and we still have a strong hand.

So we need you, today, right now in fact, to contact us. And we need you, today, right now in fact, to step up and commit to making an investment. Don’t leave it to your neighbors. Don’t count on your friends. The Co-op is only going to reach its goal if you, today, right now in fact, participate in the Campaign. You.

I can’t imagine an East Aurora without a Co-op and I can’t imagine a Co-op without an East Aurora. Our Co-op will thrive here. It’s a place where our agricultural heritage is infused into Main Street life. It’s a place where we care, a place with an active and lively community culture. Imagine what next summer will look like on Main Street with the hustle & bustle of our Co-op in the mix.

The numbers add up. New members are joining every day (we’re getting oh so close to 900!) Our market study projects more than $2 million in annual sales – just in our first year. And the average investment our members are making is almost on target. But the numbers need to include you. We need more members to raise their hands and be counted.

So if you haven’t decided yet, then decide today. Decide in favor of your community. Decide in favor of your health. Decide in favor of the Co-op and contact Sheila Conboy (912-0672) or Mike Benzin (316-1090) right now. We’ll make it as easy and painless as we can. We’ll even come to you or meet you at the Campaign office. One document to sign and one check to write. That’s all it will take!

So if you’ve been on the fence, waiting for the next milestone to be reached or just trying to decide, get down right now. Grab the phone and call. Thank you!

Offering by Prospectus only to bona fide residents of New York State. NY # I14-6754.