Driving through East Aurora and the surrounding communities, it’s great to see all the Co-op lawn signs popping up, signaling growing support and increasing membership numbers. We’re now more than 930 member-owners strong!

It’s also interesting to see that there are some streets and neighborhoods where lawn signs seem to be in every yard. We’re talking to you, Hamlin Avenue. And you, too, Sycamore Street and South Grove. Thank you! It’s like there’s a great microclimate on these streets that supports cooperation and community-mindedness. These neighborhoods, and many others like them, are leading the way in building something new and exciting together.

So we ask you to consider…By far the most successful phase of the Capital Campaign so far has involved matching investment challenges. Remember back at the end of July when two generous supporters issued challenges? One member-owner who had already invested $10,000 pledged to invest a second $10,000 if someone else stepped up and invested at the same level. Our member-owners came through and made that happen. Another supporter said that if we were able to hit the $300,000 mark by August 1, they would invest an additional $50,000. That happened. We’ve seen our member-owners rise to the challenges and meet the goals and we thank you.

We know our member-owners are a creative group! How about a neighborhood challenge? Oakwood, are you ready to go head-to-head with Girard? Fillmore, how about a challenge with Elmwood? North Street vs. South Street, maybe? Some friendly competition could be just what our Campaign needs to meet our overall goal of $875,000. Grab your neighbors and reach out to your friends. Let’s conclude this Capital Campaign on a high note, and a fun one, too.

Got ideas? Please contact Sheila at 912-0672 and we’ll work together to spread the word. Or you can stop by the Capital Campaign office in the Red Brick Plaza (595 Main Street). We’re there Sunday – Thursday from 6:30 – 8:30 pm, and on Saturday from 10:30 am – 12:30 pm, or by appointment (912-0672). Thank You!