It’s a balmy 45 degrees out and it feels like more than just good weather is on the horizon. I know it seems like forever since we’ve provided a comprehensive update, but trust me when I say that Co-op work on all fronts has been happening at a crazy, non-stop pace.

Over the last couple of months work on every front has been occurring, from outside lending, to completing our capitalization, building membership, seeking a qualified general manager, board training, store design, equipment procurement, and a million other things. All of these pieces are about to culminate in a store that you are going to love to shop in, right here on Main Street in East Aurora!!

As we have told you many times before, our capital for the project comes from several sources: Our members, as evidenced during our successful Member Capital Campaign, as well as outside lenders. We are working with several sources for outside lending, including a local bank, and financial institutions that lend specifically to Cooperatives. We have a letter of commitment from both lenders, but as with most things in life and certainly with this project, everything takes longer than anticipated. We are attempting to clear some hurtles with both lenders in order to complete the loans. We are hopeful that we can accomplish this by the end of the month and kick off the long-awaited physical build-out of our cooperative market!

We continue our search for a general manager. We have some promising contenders for the position, but if you know someone who fits the bill, please go to our  website for information on qualifications and be sure help us with the search. The right general manager is crucial to the success of our store  and we would ideally like to have this person in place as soon as possible.

Lastly, we hope to open our doors by summer’s end, but there is so much left to fall into place and our goal is dependent on many factors. We are working tirelessly to get it all done and we need your help. Membership is a critical component to our success and we are striving to reach over 1400 member-owners by the time we open our doors. We have already exceeded 1070! Please continue to encourage friends to join. We’re stronger together.

We know that our store is going to be mind-blowingly wonderful and, as always, we thank all of you for supporting the success of YOUR co-op.

Go Co-op!!  Sheila