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Locally Grown, Community Owned

The East Aurora Co-op Market is a community owned natural foods grocery store. Founded in 2009, EACM came from a desire to create access to whole, nutritious foods, with an emphasis on local, organic and minimally-processed products.

The co-op opened its doors in June 2016 after seven years of diligent and painstaking work by a group of volunteer owners. Now, this co-op community shops together, feeding families and friends with wholesome foods. Through EACM, owners and shoppers are routing grocery dollars to WNY farmers and food producers and supporting great jobs in our community with every bag of groceries.

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What is a Co‑op?

Our Mission

To cultivate a sustainable food cooperative that is built by and for East Aurora and the surrounding community through the maximal efficient use of our local resources. Meeting the nutritional needs of our owners and customers is our highest priority and is realized through access to natural, local, sustainable goods, a democratic governing process, and a focus on continuing community education and outreach that promotes a healthy, forward-thinking way of life.

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Our Vision

The East Aurora Cooperative Market comprises forward-thinking individuals who believe in and endorse the value of the local food movement. The market strives to be a dynamic community center where our owners and customers may obtain a variety of delicious, healthful products that promote a high quality of life and contribute to a thriving local economy. Through democratic governance and community cooperation, the market is guided by owners who believe in education and community outreach.


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Recognizes the connection between a thriving local economy and the food cooperative movement

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Includes both organic and traditional options, to reflect the choices of its shoppers

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Believes in access to a high-quality variety of food that can be traced to producers both local and national with similar high standards

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    Acknowledges the impact of the health of individuals on that of the community

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    Values inclusivity by embracing both owners as well as all members of the community, individuals and families alike

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    Strives for fair prices that reflect the quality of the food available

    End Statement

    The East Aurora Cooperative Market is the Southtowns’ leading community-focused food market.
    A great place to work and shop!

    Open to Everyone—No Membership Required!

    Open Daily: 8 am – 8 pm

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