Now, during winter months bright, bold tropical and citrus fruits are growing in warmer climates. Now is the peak of citrus season and your co-op is packed with sweet, sunny fruit. Let’s stroll through the groves and meet the crew.

Satsuma Mandarins  Small, easy-peel with a brilliant, super sweet flavor. Right now, the co-op’s satsumas even have stems and leaves attached. So you can feel like Martha Stewart at snacktime.  Best for: eating, salads, admiring their beauty

Minneola Tangelos  Baseball-sized with a bulb shape on top. Intense, exotic orange flavor – Minneolas are a cross between tangerines and grapefruit. Also called Honeybell.  Best for: eating, juicing

Blood Oranges Scarlet dappling outside, deep red flesh, and bold flavor with hints of berry. It’s the prettiest of the bunch!
Best for: eating, juicing, showing off your fancy fruit in salads and desserts

Pommelos  Don’t let their size intimidate you! The monster size of a pummelo is matched by its unique, sweet grapefuit-esque (but better!) flavor. The rind is thick – about 1″ – so cut open with a knife, then eat the interior of the wedges. You won’t be disappointed.   Best for: eating

Cara Cara Oranges  A seedless navel orange variety that’s sweeter and lower acid than a classic navel with a complex flavor and distinct pink hue inside. Best for: eating, juicing