Dear East Aurora Co-op Market owners & supporters,

It is with mixed emotions that I am writing you today. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for your commitment to getting this enormous project off the ground. Second, I want to let you know that after nine years working on our co-op’s development, I have decided to step down as general manager of the East Aurora Cooperative Market at the end of the year.

When I think of my time with the co-op, “challenging” and “gratifying” are two words that come to mind, and I can say it has been equal parts both. Your involvement is where I have drawn gratification. Through our member-owners, our friends at Lexington Co-op in Buffalo, and the incredible support from various co-op entities throughout the country, I have come to truly appreciate what a beautiful business model a cooperative can be. Daily, our goal at the store is to ensure you feel the same way.

As in most endeavors, our co-op’s path was not always smooth, but without a doubt, it has been one of the most meaningful and worthwhile undertakings for me personally.

We have reached a point at which I can confidently pass the management baton to the next passionate person, who I am sure will be equally inspired by the amazing potential our co-op has to serve our community. It is likely I won’t be disappearing altogether. I will always be a staunch supporter and may, in the future, even apply for a smaller role at the store.

Until then, my heartfelt thanks to you for being instrumental in bringing the EA Co-op to our community and for continuing to nurture it every day. We have something wonderful in our midst and it is my hope and belief that the value the co-op brings to our community will soar.

Yours in Cooperation,

Sheila Conboy, General Manager



Three cheers for Sheila!  The Board of Directors couldn’t be more grateful for her tireless work on behalf of our co-op. As our store’s first operational manager, Sheila’s unwavering dedication and leadership have shepherded our co-op through a challenging period for any new business. As we make this transition now, we’re thrilled to report that the health of our co-op is strong. Financially and strategically, the co-op is stable and positioned for success.

Sheila will remain in her position through the holiday season. The General Manager job opening has been posted, and we are currently accepting applications. We’re seeking an experienced retail professional with strong leadership skills and a passion for great food retailing. Finding the best possible candidate is the board’s highest priority. Please spread the word to any qualified contacts. As always, please reach out with any questions or feedback at [email protected].

When you visit the store and see Sheila in the aisles, please extend your thanks. Our community owes her and her family a debt of gratitude for her commitment and many days, nights, weekends and holidays working to create a store that meets our needs. WNY is truly better for their sacrifices. Here’s to our thriving cooperative, now and into the future!

Andrew Layer, Board President