The East Aurora Co-op Capital Campaign is more than a fund-raising effort and a successful Campaign results in more than a grocery store.

The Campaign is a unique opportunity to build something together, as a community. The cooperative ownership model connects like-minded individuals with common goals in a jointly owned and democratically controlled enterprise. For the over 830 East Aurora Co-op member-owners, that common goal is to build a community-supported cooperative market that offers fresh healthy food, supports local farmers, and bolsters the local economy.

It is a unique opportunity, but also a fleeting one. We were very excited to announce our Main Street site recently, but moving forward with the site is contingent upon the successful completion of our Capital Campaign. Raising $875,000 by August 15 will show outside investors and banks that we, as member-owners, are committed to making the Co-op a success.

We launched our Campaign a little over a week ago. To date, many of your fellow owners have invested in the East Aurora Co-op by offering member loans or by purchasing Preferred Shares. Together, we’ve raised over $40,000.  A huge thank you to those of you who have made the commitment!

The banks and lending institutions are looking to see that we are a community of individuals who are committed to being a part of something bigger than ourselves. This is our opportunity to show them that we are. Go Co-op!