We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And it’s unanimous: breakfast at the co-op is delightful, delicious and, maybe most important of all – so easy.


Yogurt Bar  Yogurt takes the morning shift on the salad bar. Pile on the fruit, nuts, crunchy granola, maybe slip in a few chocolate chips.
Chia Pudding  Made simply with nondairy almond and coconut milks, then topped with fresh fruit. Stay full ’til lunchtime.


Scones, cinnamon buns and muffins are fresh daily, monster sized, and baked from scratch with organic flour and sugar. Throw puffy croissants, filo pastries and cream cheese fruit danishes into the mix? Take note, this is office hero material.


Breakfast Sandwiches
Choose from Egg & Sweet Potato Hash Wraps with scrambled egg, roasted sweet potato, peppers and onions and Bacon, Egg & Cheese on Multigrain with poached eggs, bacon, cheddar, roasted garlic mayo and greens (above). A satisfying, delicious start the day.
Steel Cut Oats DIY oatmeal is a piping hot palette for your fave toppings every day.

Breakfast at the co-op is bright, sunshine-y, and ready when you are, every morning. Hot breakfast served until 11am!