We’re stronger together. Co-ops bring people together around shared values, needs and ideas. As a startup, we rely on people from our community to propel the effort and along the way, find new, rewarding relationships, sharing the responsibility and the reward of bringing the co-op to fruition.

Taking our co-op from startup to fully fledged up-and-running will be the first of what we hope to be many more community supporting and strengthening endeavors! Co-ops create healthy communities in so many ways! Around the country (and around the world!), co-ops are doing amazing things in their communities from serving as an oasis in food deserts to establishing community gardens, promoting community supported agriculture, supplying local food pantries with “real” food, to partnering with other community-based organizations to create more sustainable, resilient communities.

Co-ops serve their local communities and are also part of a broader community of co-ops who support and strengthen one another which, in turn, further strengthens their local communities. It’s a win-win!