east aurora co-op construction


Building the store. With every passing day, the East Aurora Co-op Market site is coming to life. Drywall is up, painting is underway, flooring is being installed, the vestibule is almost complete, our front planters are in, coolers are on site for placement – it really is coming together! Our collective vision for the Co-op, once depicted on a two-dimensional drawing, is becoming a three-dimensional space and it’s amazing to see.

east aurora co-op and lexington co-op




Building community. Together, we are building a strong community that transcends the brick and mortar store. On Saturday, a bus with some of our 1,184 fellow Co-op member-owners and their friends headed to Buffalo to check out the Lexington Cooperative Market in the Elmwood Village. It was an awesome day and a great chance to see a thriving Co-op in action, to connect with others interested in healthy, local foods, and to have a sneak peek at our very own East Aurora Co-op. Thank you to everyone who made the trip a huge success!



Building momentum. As our long-time member-owners and supporters know, there have been times in the development of the Co-op when activity was slow and news was sparse. Those days are over! The site is bustling with activity and we are full steam ahead on all of the operational considerations that will bring the store to life. To fellow member-owners who have been believers since the beginning, we say THANK YOU! To those who have been waiting on the sidelines to get involved to see if this Co-op thing was really going to happen, we say IT IS! Click HERE to learn more about becoming a member-owner and being an integral part of the store, the community, and the momentum. Go Co-op!