Thank you owners – we’re 20% of the way at $50,500!

YOU are doing this, keep your energy and enthusiasm coming! Watch the coffee-ometer and spread the word.

This week at the co-op… Hamburg’s Sweet Pea Bakery baked their first treats for the co-op. A lucky member-owner won a giant pumpkin. Fair trade avocados are on sale.(!) Warm Chicken Marsala with Vegetable Linguine were on the hot bar. And two years ago this week, none of that would have been possible.

Together, we’ve built a business that enriches life in WNY and supporting this campaign is how we can ensure the momentum continues. Here’s how the campaign looks now:

Since the Board’s letter was emailed to you Tuesday, the number of owners known to be actively considering investment has grown from 70 to 94.

Volunteers are calling as many member-owners as possible. So far, they’ve called 600 owners and spoken with almost 200. The response? 40 owners are invested, plus 94 of you are actively considering investment in your store.

At the current average investment of $1,263, our co-op needs an additional 158 member-owners out of 1700+ to say YES to investment.

Let’s keep filling the cup – we can do this together.

Thank you for supporting your store!


Offering by Prospectus only to bona fide residents of New York State. NY # I17-10154