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For East Aurora Co-op Market member-owners who are bona fide New York State residents.

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There are many people who made it possible for the East Aurora Co-op Market to come to exist. Owners, community members and partners along the way. RP Oak Hill was and is a standout among them.
 Throughout a difficult construction phase, RP Oak Hill acted  consistently, with patience and professionalism, and we continue to thank them, as we recognize that without their generosity, our cooperative market may not be serving our community today.  RP Oak Hill’s website states  “We are experts in overcoming obstacles to make projects happen”.   I think they would agree that our project tested their limits.  Their website should also say: “We care as much about our community as we do about our own profitability.”.  Throughout the construction of the East Aurora Cooperative Market, RP Oak Hill looked beyond themselves, at the benefit they saw this store would bring to the area, and unwaveringly helped us to overcome adversity throughout a very challenging construction phase.  We simply would not be here today if not for the character of our construction team.
Thank you.