Here’s one in Maine!  What a cute sign:

All are welcome at the Belfast Co-op, a community owned health food store and deli/cafe located in scenic downtown Belfast, Maine since 1976. The Belfast Cooperative Store is amember-owned and controlled retail outlet for whole natural foods and other goods and provisions. We strive to offer a wide selection of products that are organically produced and locally-sourced whenever available, at reasonable prices, to support healthy lifestyle choices for both our members and the general public. Our intent is to be a resource for information concerning health, nutrition, and the source of our products, as well as for community topics and other related issues.

We stock a huge selection of “specialty” items for a variety of dietary needs, from gluten-free items to vegan and vegetarian goods. Looking for that hard to find ethnic ingredient? The Co-op has a full aisle of Asian, Indian, Thai, and Mexican foods for your cooking adventures.

As part of our mission we make it a priority to support local organic and natural farmers. Our produce department reflects that commitment. We have, in season, a large selection of local fruits and vegetables.

There is a meat and cheese section in the Co-op that has a variety of local, artisanal and international cheeses. We have free-range and organic poultry products, organically raised and grass-fed beef products, as well as our own hand-crafted sausages from naturally raised animals.

Buying foods in bulk is for the economy minded, since the prices are almost always better than packaged items, and one can buy exactly how much one needs. Customers can buy everything from beans and grains to granola and snacks. Our bulk spices and herbs are a popular draw. Buying in bulk also cuts down on unnecessary packaging, which not only saves money, but also some of the earth’s precious resources.

Feel free to stop in and enjoy friendly service, good healthy food, and a wide range of wonderful products for you and your family.

Content courtesy of Belfast Co-op