You know what they say. ‘In like a lion’…and, well, let’s just leave it at that and not jinx ourselves. The beautiful thing about a sloppy, snowy Nor’easter weekend is the opportunity to cozy up inside before spring hits. Treat yourself to a weekend of comfort and warmth with…


Beef Stew  Chunks of hearty beef, potatoes and carrots with bright peas, nothing screams comfort like stew.
Make your own: fashioned way with a pot on the stove.Grass Land Farm’s local stew beef, organic potatoes and sweet onions are all on sale too. Warm up the old



Grilled Cheese  Bread, butter, cheese –here’s the dead-simple technique. It doesn’t get easier or more comforting than a cheese sandwich hot off the griddle. Kerrygold is the Irish dairy known for its incredible quality grass fed butter and cheeses. Their Dubliner cheese is has the flavor of a buttery cheddar, hints of parm and swiss, and an unmistakable nuttiness.




Chocolate Hazelnut Coffee Cake  A co-op bakery debt! Spongey on the inside, crunchy hazelnuts and chocolate up top, and… also on sale. Think morning work meetings, around the kitchen table after church or a treat to get you through the storm.
Make your own:  A classic coffee cake from the Barefoot Contessa. Because this is America, right?