March 18, 2020

Beginning Thursday, March 19, the co-op will have reduced hours, 9am-8pm daily.

NEW Golden Hour: 8-9am  SENIORS ONLY  Reserved just for senior shoppers. This time immediately-post cleaning and low on crowds will be safer for the most vulnerable population of our community.



March 14, 2020

East Aurora Co-op shoppers and member-owners,

Like you, we have been closely following the spread of COVID-19. At the co-op, the safety of our community and staff is our first priority. Management and staff are working together to maintain regular, consistent service and products you rely on while further emphasizing the health of shoppers, owners and staff during this time.

In light of this evolving situation, I’m writing to update you on measures being taken to maintain a safe place at the co-op for all of us:


  • Thus far, our co-op has had no reported COVID-19 infections. Staff have been instructed to stay home at any signs of illness.

  • Staff are doubling down on cleaning and sanitizing procedures, with an extra emphasis on areas prone to frequent public handling or use like payment machines, scales, restrooms, carts and hand baskets. Hot and cold bar utensils are changed on an hourly basis.

  • Hand sanitizer dispensers are in store by each main door and staff are working to bring wipes in for in-store use when you shop.

  • Buyers are working closely with suppliers to keep shelves stocked as normal. At this moment, we expect to receive usual deliveries of most products, outside some personal and home sanitizing items that are indefinitely out of stock from manufacturers due to the spike in sales. Staff are working to identify alternatives to those items.

Changes for You

  • Passive sampling is on hold. Active demos, staffed by co-op employees or vendors will remain in place for now as we continue to track the situation and seek direction from health agencies.

  • Personal and reusable cups and containers cannot be accepted at this time. While shopping at the co-op in the coming weeks, please use the packaging provided in-store. Of course, options for reuse will be re-implemented in the future when authorities indicate it’s safe to do so.

Let’s work together  All shoppers, and employees will need to partner together in this effort. We will all  rely on one another to stay home at any sign of illness, and to reduce opportunities to spread sickness. The CDC and World Health Organization (WHO) have advice on how to be responsible to protect yourself—and by extension, our community.

Recommendations from authorities may change quickly. Co-op management will be intently watching for updates, and will react accordingly in those moments implementing protocols recommended by health agencies. Right now, we’re continuing with planned promotions and production. I hope our co-op can be a bright, safe place for many.

You have choices when you buy your groceries and prepared foods. Thank you for relying on your co-op to provide your essentials and to help to nourish you and your families, now and always.

Jessica Armbrust
General Manager