Sunday, April 22 is Earth Day – a celebration of the planet we all call home together. Incorporating earth-friendly habits into regular routines can help you make a difference on the home front every day.

#1 Buy Bulk Bulk foods cut down packaging and food waste, major contributors to American food’s environmental footprint, plus, it’s budget friendly. Win-win-win!


-Sea Salt & Onion Cashews. Don’t be afraid. These flavor bomb organic nuts are like a whole food version of sour cream and onion potato chips.

-Black Forbidden Rice. Black rice cooks like brown or whole grain rice and adds striking contrast to any dish.
Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almonds The most delicious nutty chocolate delight out there. And yeah, you can help the planet by eating chocolate.

#2 Bring Bags Every time you reuse a bag, you’re reducing your impact. EACM canvas bags are sturdy, fashionable and made in the USA. In the store always.

#3 Eat Local ‘Food miles’ are the distance a food travels from its origin to your plate, and they calculate the fuel it uses to get there. Locally produced goods have a lower effect on the environment, while also supporting folks in your region and building the WNY economy.