July 1, 2024

Co-op shoppers raise $3,079.55 for the Food Co-op Initiative

July 1, 2024

The East Aurora Co-op Market recently partnered with the Food Co-op Initiative for a Round Up at the Register Initiative. From May through June, co-op shoppers had the option to support the Food Co-op Initiative (FCI) by rounding up their total purchase. Through the co-op community’s generosity, a grand total of $3,079.55 was raised.

FCI is a small non-profit that partners with community organizers across the country to train and support them as they work to open food co-ops in their own communities. FCI supported the East Aurora Co-op’s opening by receiving a $10,000 seed grant, which was utilized for technical assistance, training, site visits, and more. By raising money for FCI through our Round Up program, we are funding FCI’s ability to keep creating new training materials and provide vital support to the community organizers working to start food co-ops in their own towns. With FCI’s assistance, more food co-ops successfully go from the ‘idea’ stage to ‘grand opening.’ The cooperative movement is stronger when we all work together, so it benefits us all to have an effective path for food co-ops to open successfully.

Through the Round Up at the Register initiative, the co-op continues to partner with organizations focused on building a stronger community. Details are available in store, on the co-op website, and on social media.

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