School is in full swing–for the little ones and for myself–so why not take 30 minutes or so on a weekend to whip up a batch of homemade, healthy, energy-packed snacks!  I’ve tried a bunch of recipes, including some of the ones below.  Most can be made relatively quickly, and their taste and textures vary.  Find a recipe that works for your family and put it on repeat!

Ellie Krieger’s Energy Bars

These have more of a uniform consistency (thanks to pulverizing everything in a food processor) and couldn’t be easier to make.

Ellie Krieger’s Walnut and Cherry Bars

These are a little more labor-intensive, but still quite manageable!

Almond Butter Banana Breakfast Bars

This recipe, from a Registered Dietitian, couldn’t be healthier!  She even provides nutritional information for different serving numbers.

Five-Ingredient Granola Bars

Hey, that’s my kind of bar!

Barefoot Contessa’s Granola Bars

While pretty high in sweeteners (sugar and honey), these are still full of good-for-you ingredients, like nuts and dried fruit.  Consider lessening the sugar, or cutting the bars into more servings.


Holly R. Layer received a B. A. in Journalism from Penn State and served four years in the U. S. Air Force before deciding to go back to school to become a Registered Dietician.  She loves running, reading, fine stationery, colorful kitchen gadgets and ALL things food-related.  An avid cook and baker, you can find her in the kitchen most days whipping up something yummy.  Too bad her husband, Andrew (an East Aurora native) is the pickiest man alive!  You can find her at