Project Update

Enthusiasm is the great hill-climber

Every so often, those of us closest to the co-op project remind ourselves of an Elbert Hubbard quote: Enthusiasm is the great hill-climber. Over the course of the last year, when progress was slow and the path uncertain, Hubbard’s words served as a reminder to stay focused on the goal: bringing a truly unique, community-owned, community-supported co-op to Main Street in East Aurora. There were times when we had to dig deep to muster the enthusiasm, but guided by the commitment of our fellow member-owners, we always found it.

Lately, the quote has taken on a new meaning. With another week of bustling activity and progress at the site, the momentum is building and the enthusiasm is palpable. No more digging deep. It’s all around us. There is still a great deal of work to do, of course, but every day your co-op is taking shape. Over 1,160 member-owners like you believed in a powerful idea and together, we are seeing that idea take shape in concrete and brick and steel – and soon, in cash registers and bulk bins and dairy cases. Stay tuned!

The former storefronts along the side of the building have been framed in and the masonry crew has begun to lay bricks.

In the new receiving area at the back of the building, the roof is framed and the walls are completed. Once the roof is in place, this area will house our refrigeration units.

New walls are framed separating the sales floor from the storage area, office space, break room, and credit union offices.

Be Part of the Excitement!

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