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Renovating a 100-year old building leads to some interesting finds! From discovering the original building blueprints to the Majestic Company coal chute, it’s an exciting journey. Together with our 1,125+ member owners, we’re one step closer every day!








Bob Draper from R & P Oak Hill and Rob Martin from National Cooperative Grocers held a construction meeting on July 7 with Co-op Treasurer Mike Benzin and General Manager Terry Wittenrich.









Starting to see the space opening up!











On June 7, it was time for groundbreaking!!
Here we go and here are the folks working on the demo and construction/renovation.

Pictured are, from left to right: Colby Smith (Owner’s Representative, Colby Development), Mercedes Calway, Bob Draper and Chris Hogan (Construction Project Manager, Site Project Manager and Partner, respectively), Mark Jaworski (building owner), Sheila Conboy, Terry Wittenrich, Derek Punaro, Mike Benzin (East Aurora Cooperative Market Project Manager, General Manager, Board President and Treasurer, respectively).