Since our original capital campaign deadline passed, we’ve been meeting, discussing, and planning for a way to continue efforts to make your Co-op a reality. As of last night, we’ve received confirmation that we will be able to extend the campaign for a short period to raise our remaining capital. It’s exciting news! But it won’t last indefinitely. Our project timeline includes lease considerations, construction milestones, and scheduling realities that we will begin to confront very shortly. Those are immovable forces. Before we start hitting them, we need to meet our campaign goal and get this store capitalized.

The good news is that we’ve got momentum on our side. Together, we’ve all come a very long way over the course of the campaign. We now have over 900 member-owners and just $345,500 left to raise. We are getting closer every day. Let’s keep the momentum going!

Call or email  Sheila (912-0672) or Mike (316-1090), or send us an email at Thank you!