Sunday6pm. TV’s on, beer is chilled. Who’s ready to eat? Everyone. And you’re ready for ’em.  How did you get here, you football host extraordinaire? Your friendly local co-op planned fabulous a spread for you? Fantastic.

First, Buffalo favorites bring serious skills to your ultimate snacking showdown.

Ru’s Pierogi It’s hard to pass on pierogi – dough stuffed with cheese and yummy-ness. Enter, chicken wings and roast beef varieties to kick things up a notch. Ru’s pierogi were born in Buffalo, and they’ve got classic Buffalo bar food style.

GIANT BreadHive Pretzels! And regular sized BreadHive pretzels! Big pretzels will feed your whole cheering section and be the talk of the party. Limited quantities will be available beginning Saturday at noon. First come first serve, party people.

Elm Street Bakery Bread Sunday  Fresh loaves of EA Sourdough, baguettes, Caraway Rye and more – breads from ’round the corner are thrilled to be invited to your shindig.

Bootleg Bucha On Tap  For the designated drivers, the sanctimonious, and, well, everyone who loves a fizz-packed Solo cup.

Is that cheering we hear in the distance? Let’s-go-Buff-a-lo. Let’s-go-Buff-a-lo!

Aaannnd the co-op will keep it tight in the kitchen too. On the highlight reel:

Co-op Dips 
Truly, the co-op has a dip for everyone. From Herbed Tahini Hummus to Chicken Wing Dip to scratch-made French Onion, there’s a bowl-o-goodness to please every palette, chip and baby carrot.



Hot & Crispy FreeBird Chicken Wings  Keep your standards and wing intake high. The kitchen will be frying up the unbelievably-high-quality-and-delicious (and local!) chicken wings you know and love all day Sunday beginning at 11am. Try ’em in classic wing sauce or garlic parmesan. Better yet – get both, eat happy.

Chili  Texas Style Beef (think, hunks of sirloin – no ground beef here!) or Spicy Squash & Bean. Buy it by the quart, chilled or hot.