Next week the game is on. We’re all preparing to root for our team of choice (this co-op is a democracy, after all!), and by that we mean, preparing to delight our friends with all the carby, cheesy, snacky eats we can get our hands on.

Exhibit A: Snacks, snacks, snacks
Late July is doing all of us some serious favors. Their organic restaurant style (read: thin, crispy, wonderful) Cantina Tortilla Chips AND the Cantina Dippers (crunchy, bubbly, deep scoops) are 2/$5 throughTuesday, and maybe the football watching-est snacks of them all.  Buy all you think you’ll need for next Sunday, and then a couple more. You’ll need the backups.


What to dip them in?  Co-op-made Feta Scallion, Spinach Artichoke, Chicken Wing, or French Onion dips. And yes, dip samplers are here.

Guacamole Guacamole deserves its own category – both in deliciousness and massive popularity. The co-op will be dishin’ it out homemade and pre-packed all week, and organic avocados are 3/$5 for you to make a proper batch at home.

P.S. It’s not guac without cilantro and fresh lime. Don’t forget ’em!


Exhibit B: Platters & Trays  Veg. Cheese. Mezze. (That’s Mediterranean finger foods/appetizers. Don’t be afraid. Think pickles, hummus, olives.) It doesn’t get easier than popping off the lid and snackin’ the night away.