Harry and Su are co-op owners like you. They believe in our co-op, and putting their money where their mouths are. Are you?
The Mayers have invested $5,000 in the Co-op through the Capital Campaign — and they have a challenge for us. They’ll DOUBLE their money to $10,000 if other owners will invest an additional $25,000 this week.  Folks, this means that if you invest by this Saturday, you’ll effectively increase your investment!

Why are they investing?  “We love the co-op, we’re proud to be a part of it and happy to be able to help. We invested before, and now that we see how the co-op is impacting our community for the better, we’re willing to do it again. We see it as an investment in the future of East Aurora, which we’ve loved and watched evolve in the 27 years we’ve lived here. It just makes sense to support the second co-op in all of Western NY!”


We have just five days to meet this $25K challenge! That’s two investments per day at $2,500.  Or five owners investing $1,000 each day.  If you’ve been on the fence, or if you’ve been waiting for the store to open, now is the time.  Increase the impact of your investment by joining with the Mayers!

Harry and Su have faith in you. They’re working to ensure our co-op will be the best that it can be.  For them and for all of us.  Let’s make sure their work pays off.  Five days, $25,000 – let’s do this!

Learn about investment here.  Owners who are NYS residents, see the prospectus here. Ready to invest? Call Kathy at 716-698-9962 or email [email protected].

Offering by prospectus only to bona fide residents of New York State. NY #I14-6754