The first annual meeting of the East Aurora Cooperative Market will be held from 7-9 p.m. Thursday, May 24 at the East Aurora Middle School, 430 Main Street.

This will be the first time so many of those involved in the co-op—member-owners, volunteers, board and committee members, village leadership—will be in the same room together.

“I’m excited that we have this forum for sharing our accomplishments to date and our plans and goals both for the immediate and long-term future,” said board president Mary Aiken. It will be a great opportunity to share what the board has been focusing on, our financial update and what Project Manager Sheila Conboy and the committees have been working on. Aiken said the meeting will be a chance to both thank and inform member-owners, and the community.

“It’s also a great opportunity for us to convey our gratitude to the growing number of people who are helping propel this project forward. It wouldn’t happen without everyone’s involvement! Finally, we’re planning a ‘question and answer’ period and are looking forward to having our first large-scale ‘conversation’ with the community since we launched the idea of opening a co-op,” she said.

The most important takeaways from the annual meeting will be five-fold, according to Aiken.

Member-owners will:

  • learn how much has been accomplished, resulting in strong support from industry experts
  • see what lies ahead (the “to do” list and the order in which it must occur)
  • learn about the process in general (and why it feels long even though it’s right on track)
  • understand the reasons for implementing and adhering to the development model
  • come away with an understanding that the success of this project requires the tangible support from its membership & community

“We want them to come away feeling like energized, proud owners!” Aiken said.

At least one member-owner will go away from the meeting energized…to COMPOST!  A composter will be raffled at the annual meeting, and limited-edition tote bags will be available for purchase.  

Member-owners are encouraged to bring interested friends along as well, and to RSVP (for themselves and any guests) to [email protected].

Calling all cooks and bakers!

We’re giving you the chance to showcase your favorite treats at the annual meeting!  Anyone interested in contributing a dish (dessert finger-food only, please) may do so, and be sure to bring some copies of your recipe to share.  Please plan to arrive just a few minutes early that evening to help our volunteers get everything set-up and labeled correctly.