The process of opening a cooperative market is complex because it involves more than simply opening a store. It involves building a community of like-minded individuals who are committed to a common goal. It involves a process of visualizing that common goal, mobilizing a team of energized volunteers and dedicated member-owners, and capitalizing the project through a successful Capital Campaign before finally realizing the goal: a member-owned cooperative market. It is a start-up model that every cooperative market, including the successful Lexington Co-op in Buffalo, has navigated.

Throughout the Capital Campaign, we’ve heard a lot of very good questions from our member-owners. We love answering those questions because building a base of knowledge about the project strengthens our co-op community. Some of those questions are addressed on our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you have other questions, call us – we’ve got answers! Please contact Sheila Conboy (912-0672) or Mike Benzin (316-1090) or send an email to [email protected]. Thank You!