This week at the site: Repair work is continuing on the building trusses and is expected to be complete in about two weeks. The receiving area is being built out and the vestibule is next on the list. And while nearly all of the work at the site so far has happened in the interior or rear of the building, we’ll soon be able to see vestibule construction from Main Street when we drive by. So get ready to see progress!

We talk a lot about the physical co-op location and we keep you updated on what’s happening there. It matters because we’re all invested in seeing the project come together and the status of the store itself is the easiest way to gauge progress. Right now, as you know, we’re laying foundations and strengthening support structures.

But in a larger sense, we’re laying a foundation and strengthening a support structure of member-owners. We’re building a community of like-minded individuals, friends, and families united in our commitment to build something new and exciting together. It’s not as tangible as the brick and mortar store. You can’t see it from the street during construction. But the foundation of community and support structure of member-ownership we’re building together is at the heart of this project. And when the delays are behind us and the doors are open, we’ll be able to see the physical manifestation of what a community can build together. It’s not an easy path, but it’s an amazing accomplishment. Every day we’re one step closer. Even when the steps are small and you can’t see them from the street.