It was a busy day at the Co-op office yesterday with member-owners becoming investors and new member-owners coming on board to be part of the excitement. We are now just a few member-owners short of 900 and together we have raised $525,500. Thank you!

It’s a critical time in the campaign and some big decisions will be made over the course of the new few days that will determine our path forward. What’s most important now is that we keep the momentum going. If you’ve been thinking about investing, today is the day your decision to invest will have the greatest impact. With an investment today, you will be proving our viability and base of support to outside lenders and decision-makers, and ultimately funding the walls we will build, the fixtures and equipment we will buy, and eventually the staff we will hire to open up your store.

We will be at the Co-op offices in the Red Brick Plaza at 595 Main Street from 6:30 to 8:30 tonight. Can’t make it there tonight? You can contact Sheila Conboy (912-0672) or Mike Benzin (316-1090) or send an email to [email protected] to invest.

Together, we can do this!