Happy Friday! The co-op is powered, open, and ready to feed you. 

First things first. Yes, we have the fish fry! We’ll have crispy, hot, beer battered haddock all day, and classic Mac Salad, Zesty Coleslaw and Mustard Potato Salad sidekicks are in full force. No orders, no styrofoam, just a delicious, fishy Friday meal.

They’re BACK.

Ithaca Hummus is back on the shelves in Beet + Lemon, Chipotle, Lemon + Dill, Red Pepper and Lemon + Garlic. Colorful, delicious, and LOCAL – come and get ’em!

Let’s Hear It is here. The ‘Let’s Hear It’ board is back in action. There’s even a new section of the board designated for new products – ‘You asked, we got it!’ We’re continuing to work through product options and refine practices at your suggestion. Thanks for helping to improve your store!

Home with the kids again? 3 ideas to cut the cabin fever:

  1. Play with your lunch. Make Dinodillas (stove required), Super Duper Sandwich Faces or Rockin’ Rocket Ship sandwiches.
  2. Come in for coloring and a snack. It’s chilly out there, but warm and friendly in here!
  3. Popcorn & a food flick. The kids will love Ratatouille, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs or The Princess and the Frog. Use Alton Brown’s recipe for perfect popcorn. He’s the king!

When they go to bed, treat yourself to Classic Shrimp Scampi. Seafood is still 10% off!

Co-op Compost

This truck and this gentleman in our parking lot is a sight for sore apples. We’re proud to send off food scraps weekly with Natural Upcycling, a local company that turns food waste into energy. It means unsellable food that can’t be donated won’t ever be headed for a landfill, and EACM is a more sustainable business.

We’re hiring!

The co-op is hiring for part time and full time Cook/Food Prep positions. Experience preferred. If you or someone you know loves food, people and cooperation, let us know. Check out the details and apply online here. We can’t wait to meet you!