Fill your basket and your table with delicious, natural goods.

First order of business:
Get a quiche.

Easter is the brunchiest day of the year. Don’t let it pass without quiche, the brunchiest food of all time. Co-op quiche is made with gorgeous handmade pastry crust, cage free eggs, rich cream and flavor-bomb fillings.

9″ handmade quiche, $12.99

Then something from the meat cooler:
Lamb Chops, racks & legs of pastured, all natural locally raised lamb. Lamb starts at $10.99/lb

Ham Whole all natural Red Gate Grocer hams from Ford’s Pig Farm in Sayre, PA and Uncured Petite Hams from Niman Ranch. All natural hams, starting at $4.99/lb.

And, from the oven:
Hot cross buns (That’s buttery brioche with dried fruit and that signature frosting cross on each sweet bun.), pies, cupcakes, coffee cake, pastries, cinnamon rolls… fresh and made from scratch at your store. And, yes! The co-op is open all day Sunday.