Whoops! Imagine our horror upon learning that we missed National Love Your Produce Manager Day on April 3. Let’s set the record straight. Everyone loves Ben, the guy behind the bushels of fruit and bunches of greens in your produce department. Here’s his deal:

Fave fruit:  Local nectarines, preferably off the tree.

Fave vegetable:  Garlic. I’m fascinated by its lifecycle. It’s there in the spring when everything else is dead and brown, garlic is always growing. Plus it tastes great!

How did you come to the co-op?  I was working for a local farm and the season ended. I used to work at East End Co-op in Pittsburgh, so I returned to the co-op world after a stint outside working on farms.
Best part of your job?  It’s amazing that we get food from all over the world, as well as right here. I love helping to source the foods that make up so many people’s meals.
Thanks for being here Ben! Everyone, mark your calendars for April 3 next year!