This voluntary manufacturer’s recall affects shoppers that purchased Natierra Organic Freeze Dried Blueberries with UPCs: 812907011160, 812907011160 and best buy dates of 12/2024 & 01/2025.

There is potential for the product to carry levels of lead above what the FDA considers an acceptable amount for consumption. Lead is a naturally occurring element that may be contracted in fruits and vegetables during cultivation, is present in our environment in small amounts, and everyone is exposed to some lead from daily actions such as inhaling dust, eating food, or drinking water. However, exposure to larger amounts of lead can cause lead poisoning. While lead can affect nearly every bodily system, its effects depend upon the amount of, and duration of lead exposure and age of the person exposed.

To date, BrandStorm Inc. has not received any reports of adverse events related to use of the product as part of this proactive recall. Should any consumer of this product have experienced any of the symptoms listed above, they should seek medical advice from their physician immediately.

Anyone who has a recalled product in their possession should dispose of it immediately. To redeem a full refund, visit the co-op and speak with the Manager on Duty.

Consumers with questions may contact the Brandstorm Support Center, at 310-559-0259, 8am – 4:30pm PST, or email [email protected]

Thank you.