Chicken Noodle   $8.99/quart  Serves 2-3
Classic chicken noodle soup with  all natural chicken and fusilli pasta

African Peanut  V/GF  $8.99/quart  Serves 2-3
EA Co-op signature!  Creamy sweet + hot peanut coconut milk soup.

Soup of the Day    $8.99/quart  Serves 2-3
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Individual servings

Garden  V  $5.99
Arcadia greens, cucumber, carrot, tomato, red onion, croutons + balsamic dressing

Chicken Caesar   $6.99
Classic caesar with sliced all-natural chicken breast

Caesar  Veg  $5.99
Crunchy romaine with tomatoes, croutons, Parmesan + caesar dressing


Macaroni + Cheese  Veg  $12.99 (1lb)  Serves 2-4
Fusilli pasta with white cheddar cheese sauce, fusilli pasta + crispy panko


Tuna Salad DF/GF    $8.99/lb
Classic tuna salad with celery, lemon + dill 

Braised Buffalo Chicken GF  $8.99/lb
All-natural chicken, butter, frank’s hot sauce, carrot, celery, seasoning

Buffalo Chickpea Salad V/GF   $8.99/lb
Smashed chickpeas in a Frank’s hot sauce with carrots + celery.

Ethiopian Lentil Salad  V/GF      $8.99/lb
Marinated french lentils with ginger + fresh herbs


Guacamole V/GF    $8.99/lb
Made with fresh with whole avocados, tomato + jalapeno

Roasted Garlic Hummus  GF    $8.99/lb
Roasted garlic, chickpeas, greek yogurt, tahini

Dolmas V/GF    $8.99/lb
Rice stuffed grape leaves


Individual servings

Chicken Curry Wrap DF   $7.49
All-natural curried chicken salad with lettuce on a wheat wrap

Braised Buffalo Chicken Wrap    $8.99
Buffalo sauce braised all-natural chicken, lettuce, tomato + blue cheese on a wheat wrap

Buffalo Chickpea Wrap  V   $7.49
Buffalo chickpea salad, lettuce, tomato, wheat wrap

Turkey Bacon Avocado Sandwich   $7.49
All-natural turkey bacon with lettuce, tomato, red onion, swiss + chipotle avocado mayo on multigrain

Ham & Swiss Sandwich   $7.49
All-natural ham and dijon mayo with lettuce, tomato, red onion + swiss  on rye

Tuna Fish Sandwich   $7.49
Tuna salad, red onion + tomato on rye bread




Beef & Broccoli   GF  $9.99   Serves 1
Ginger tamari grass-fed beef with broccoli + jasmine rice

Meatloaf Dinner  $9.99  Serves 1
Grass-fed beef meatloaf with vegetables + mashed potatoes

Turkey Dinner  GF  $9.99
Organic roasted turkey with vegetables + mashed potatoes

Spaghetti & Meatballs   $10.99  Serves 2
All-natural beef meatballs with marinara + ricotta with spaghetti


Chicken Parmesan   $10.99  Serves 2
All-natural chicken cutlets under marinara, mozzarella and Parmesan with spaghetti

Salmon & Vegetable Rice  GF  $12.99  Serves 1
Sustainably harvested salmon, vegetables + vegetable rice

Fried Chicken   $8.99/lb  Serves 2
Crispy all-natural chicken fried in organic shortening

Whole Roasted Chicken  GF/DF  $12.99  Serves 4
Oven roasted whole Freebird chicken