Cooperative Supper Planning Guide
Current Member-Owners

It’s no secret that one of the best ways to learn about something is through word of mouth. For example, when a friend or family member goes to a great new restaurant, they’re going to tell you about it, from the service to the delicious food to the cost.

Using the same word-of-mouth concept, the East Aurora Cooperative Market is asking current member-owners to help us build awareness, and member-ownership, through word of mouth; in particular, by hosting a small get-together for family and friends.

Co-op supper hosted by long-time volunteer Lisa Metzger.

Co-op supper hosted by long-time volunteer Lisa Metzger.

And, in the true spirit of cooperatives, we suggest the gathering be a casual potluck supper. The number of guests is up to you, but we’ll send along a co-op representative to provide some background on the co-op, share our goals and let you and your guests in on where we are today. We’ll answer any questions and also take membership applications. In addition to providing a location, your job will be to share your reasons for joining. Your testimonial will be a very powerful message in support of our project.

Here is a brief guide to planning your cooperative supper.

Planning should begin approximately four weeks before the party. Your guest list should include people you think would be interested in learning more about, and joining, the co-op. Make sure your guests are aware that this is the purpose of the gathering. Encourage them to learn more at our website: We’ll help you by providing postcard invitations as well.

How to plan:

1. Create a list of 6-10 people you’d like to invite. The size of your cooperative supper is up to you, but a minimum of 4 is suggested. Check with your guests, then pick a date that works for most everyone. We recommend a two-hour time frame. Wednesday and Thursday work well for these events, but the day of the week is up to you.

2. If you choose to go with a potluck format, provide some suggestions for guests to bring. Keep it simple.

3. Contact Peg Potter at [email protected] or 652-8272. Peg will make arrangements for your speaker and provide pre-printed post card invitations. (Your stamp is appreciated.)

4. Relax and enjoy!

Thank you for getting involved! A cooperative cannot succeed without a thriving membership. Nourished by the support of our member-owners, soon we’ll be reaping the harvest: opening a full-service grocery in East Aurora featuring fresh, seasonal, local foods.