Merry Christmas! Happy Hannukah! Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe 2017 is almost upon us. At the co-op, the season’s hustle and bustle is in full swing, and our staff has been working diligently to anticipate your needs in preparing for your holiday celebrations.

I’d say my favorite holiday development thus far has been in our bakery.  I have never eaten so much pie in my life, prior to Thanksgiving itself, but for the last week, the cookies have been relentless.  Every morsel is being made from scratch here by our bakers, and they are so proud to be sharing their talents.  I am amazed at the quality and variety our kitchen can produce!   Each day the store fills with the scent of warm spices and fresh from the oven biscotti or pecan bars all of which I am obligated to try, in order to ensure their quality for your consumption.

Enjoying this season within the walls of our co-op feels more magical than your average Christmastime cheer.  In years past this reality felt so far away. Yet here we are, celebrating together with local poinsettias (and eggs!) from H.G. Miller Farm, crates of clementines, local brisket, lamb and turkeys – even festive locally brewed six packs. This year we’ve been able to give to Toys for Tots, FISH of EA, the Rural Outreach Center, and various food pantries around WNY. And with every purchase, we’re helping to foster and grow a business we actually own. Eventually, profits will go back to owners, bolstering our local economy. What a testament to the power of cooperation!

While you’re in shopping this week, consider purchasing a gift membership for food loving friends or family. Just until Saturday, we’re giving a $25 gift card with every gift membership purchase. You could use your gift card toward your holiday meal, give it away, or if you’re like me, maybe head toward the cookie table.

Thank you for continuing to support your co-op through our first year up and running. We’re honored to be the store you trust for your family’s holiday celebrations and throughout the year.

Sheila Conboy

Sheila Conboy

General Manager