And that’s a wrap folks! The co-op welcomed over 100 new member-owners in October. Thanks for joining in the fun.

Walk in like you own this place! Become a member-owner this month and get everyday owner deals plus extra special free stuff, like a pumpkin pie and co-op travel mug. See store for details or learn more online.

Events this month:

• Fri, 10/4 Thanksgiving Pre-Order Launch, 12pm-2pm
• Sat, 10/12 Meet the Maker: Equal Exchange 11-3pm
• Sat,10/12 Pumpkin Decorating 1-2pm
• Wed, 10/16 Charcuterie 101 7-8:30pm
• Fri, 10/18 Cornerstone Orchards 11:30am-1:30pm
• Sat, 10/19 Mader Honey 12-2pm
• Fri, 10/25 – Sun, 10/27 Owners receive 10% off their shopping trip
• Fri, 10/25 Elmhurst 11am-1pm
• Fri, 10/25 Stand Fast Farms, 12-2pm
• Fri, 10/25 Nordic Naturals 12-2pm
• Fri, 10/25 Jeca Bar 4-6pm
• Fri, 10/25 Eden Valley Creamery 4-6pm
• Sat, 10/26 Gro-op, 12-2pm
• Sat, 10/26 Ulingers Maple Syrup, 12-2pm
• Sat, All Day, Squash Saturday (Owners get a free squash)
• Sun, 10/27 Biggest Little Farm Movie, 7pm