The EA Co-op 2018 Owner Drive is happening NOW through May 6. What does it mean for YOU? Hint: Everyone gets free stuff!

Thinking about joining? Now is the time.
Through Sunday May 6, new co-op owners receive great incentives (canvas bag! gift card!), and the privilege of walking into the co-op like they own the place.

Memberships never go on sale or change in price, so this is the best deal on ownership you’ll get all year.

Current member-owners, you’re playing too!

Refer a friend: Earn $5 gift cards for every new owner who lists you as a referral.

Spin the prize wheel: We’re celebrating ownership Vanna White-style. Spin the wheel for fun prizes every time you shop!

Why join?

‘Joining’ the co-op means becoming an owner by purchasing a share of the business. Don’t worry, it’s easy!

  • Sweet benefits! Discounts, owner-only specials, special ordering, and dividends during profitable years. (that’s cash back, folks!)
  • Save money $1/lb off hot bar & salad bar, 15% off select bulk, 50 cents/lb off fresh peanut butter and more. If you’re a frequent shopper but not an owner, you’re leaving money on the table!
  • One time investment. $200 at once, or by payment plan. No annual costs.
  • The store exists solely to meet the needs of the community Executives and shareholders at your co-op are right there with you in the grocery aisles.

To top it all off, co-op owners support local farmers and small producers right in WNY. Learn more about ownership, benefits and how to join here.