You win! Owners enjoy great benefits, including:

  • Everyday Owner Deals
    Coffee 99¢ all day, every day (tea too!)
    Peanut Butter Save 50¢/lb on fresh ground PB
    Eggs 50¢ off select LOCAL eggs
    Apples 30% off LOCAL apples
    Bananas 30% off organic, fair trade bananas
    Bulk 15% off select bulk foods
    Grab n’ Go Soup 15% off Co-op soups (hot and cold options)
  • Monthly Owner Deals on LOCAL goods
  • Owner Appreciation Days 10% off!
  • Special ordering 10% off bulk/case orders
  • Shape your co-op Elect or serve on the board of directors.
  • Education discounts For classes and education events.
  • A community investment Support a business that you own.
  • Free eco-friendly co-op tote bag

Everyone is welcome and anyone can join
at East Aurora Co-op!

Co-ops are owned and governed by members. No distant shareholders pull the strings of power, and the store exists solely to meet the needs of owners and the community. At the co-op, we elect our fellow owners to steer the future of our store.

Joining the co-op means becoming an owner of the business, and you only join once. There are no annual fees or additional costs. Member-owners enjoy discounts, owner specials, and patronage dividends during profitable years. To top it off, co-op owners are supporting our local food community, including local farmers and small producers, right here in WNY.


It’s SO easy. 

Join online or stop by a register for an application form. Then, choose between these two payment options:

  1. Make a one-time $200 investment. You’re fully paid, for good!
  2. Payment plan. Minimum down payment of $25, then $25/month for eight months.
    Enjoy owner benefits right away while you’re on the payment plan.

Change of Address

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