It’s the final two weeks of the Capital Campaign and energy is high. As we enter the final stretch and pull out all the stops to bring the campaign to a successful conclusion, it’s easy to focus on what we still need to do together: namely, get $211,300 more in investments by November 15.

But it’s equally important to focus on what we’ve accomplished together already, because it speaks volumes about the strength of the community of Co-op member-owners that has come together to bring something very special to East Aurora. When we launched the Campaign June 30 we were a community of 830 member-owners with a Campaign total of $0 (that was a sad-looking Campaign asparagus-meter…), but a shared vision of building a community-supported cooperative market and a belief that we could pull together and raise the $875,000 required to get it done.

Fast forward four months and we are a growing Co-op community of 986 member-owners with $663,700 in our Campaign fund. That’s amazing progress and something we should all be proud of. Thank you! We’re also a stronger community, with the same shared a vision of a cooperative market that offers fresh healthy food, supports local farmers, and bolsters the local economy, but with a strengthened resolve to bring it to fruition. Our volunteers and callers hear it every day. We all want to make the East Aurora Co-op a reality. That resolve is what has brought us so close to our goal and our continued resolve is what’s going to help us reach that goal by November 15.

We are so close to making this happen! But it will take effort from everyone in our community. If you’ve invested already, please reach out to friends and family who have been sitting on the sidelines. If you haven’t invested, but you’ve been meaning to…now is the time! Please call Sheila (912-0672) or Mike (316-1090), or send us an email at [email protected]. Thank you!