Raising $875,000 to capitalize the Co-op is a steep climb, we know. Together we have pulled together and raised $577,500. That’s an incredible achievement and we thank everyone who has invested in bringing a full-service member-owned cooperative market to Main Street in East Aurora.

Along the way, many of us have reached back to give a hand to others who are new to the journey and brought our membership numbers to 930 in the process. There is incredible strength in that number.

But our ascent has been slow for a week or so. This is a crucial time. A time to collectively move on from that plateau we’ve hit and sprint for the peak. There are a lot of ways to make that happen. Here are two important things you can do:

Spread the word. Do you know someone who isn’t a member-owner yet? Please send them a link to our website and let them know what we’re all about.

Give us a sign. One of the greatest challenges we’ve faced throughout the campaign is reaching our member-owners and getting a response. If you are a member-owner and haven’t responded to our call, please do so. If you can’t invest beyond your initial membership, that’s absolutely fine. But we do need to hear from you to get a better handle on where we are.

We’re on this exciting journey together and the peak is within reach. Let’s rally together and sprint to the top. For more information, or to invest, call Sheila Conboy (912-0672) or Mike Benzin (316-1090) or send an email to [email protected].