Who loves math!? Never mind. Pie? Sweet deals? That’s more like it.

Pi Day is March 14, in honor of the mathematical constant pi, or 3.14. (It’s the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.) Lucky for everyone, there’s delectable category of food by the same name. So, don’t miss out on homemade fresh basked 6 inch pies for $3.14 on Wednesday, March 14th. Flaky crust, sweet fillings… there’s a lot to love. Come celebrate America’s favorite dessert AND geometric holiday at your co-op!

When you’re done with all that pi(e)… come learn how to balance it out at a Whole Eating Tour at the co-op. We’re not talking all sprouts and sunflower seeds – Registered Dietitians lead the tour to help you learn how to bring more whole foods that actually fit your tastes and lifestyle into your day to day. Next one is April 24!