In honor of St Patrick and his food, your co-op is going green. To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, come fill your cup with green hot chocolate, and your pot with Irish classics like corned beef and Irish beef stew.


Corned Beef Hash  Put an egg on it.
Irish Soda Bread  It’s a little sweet, a little savory, and an Irish classic.


Corned Beef & Fontina Sandwiches 


Cheddar Stout Beef Pot Pies  Irish cheese beer pie.
Can we find a dish with more mass appeal?
Colcannon: An Irish spin on mashed potatoes. Lots-o-butter and cream, but also – greens! Let’s just call it salad.

Oh, and, drinks! 
St Patty’s Day’s raison d’être. Grab some local brews from Ellicottville Brewing Co (ahem, Peanut Butter Porter), or swing in for a six pack of Hamburg Brewing Company’s Irish Red Ale while the beef is on the stove. It’s smooth, malty, and in the house all weekend.