The East Aurora Cooperative’s board and committee members met this weekend with Bill Gessner, lead consultant for Cooperative Development Services in Minnesota.  Gessner has more than 20 years of experience working with co-ops, including Buffalo’s Lexington Cooperative Market.

Gessner discussed the Four Cornerstone-Three Stages of Development with board and committee members Sunday at the East Aurora Senior Center.


Gessner’s expertise on co-op development will help board and committee members work to through the step-by-step process of planning, implementing, and ultimately, opening!

Co-op President Sheila Conboy discusses the ‘way ahead’ with board member and Events Committee chair Deb Radziwon.

Lunch was provided by Daily’s Catering, 597 Main Street, East Aurora.

After lunch, each committee worked together to refine their specific goals and processes.


Board members Barb Byers and Mary Aiken, joined by Clarice Otminski, discussed Membership and Marketing.

The Events and Education committee, led by Jane Brewer, Deb Radziwon and Terry O’Brien, receive feedback from Gessner.

Finance committee chair Andrew Layer lays out plans for operations and fundraising with committee members Karin De La Rosa, Mike Benzin and Robyn Young.

Site Selection committee members Sheila Conboy, Sue O’Brien and Tom Hagner discuss timelines and details associated choosing a physical location.

With Gessner’s direction, the EA Co-op is one step closer to opening its doors!