East Aurora Cooperative Market

The Democratic Cooperative

It’s difficult to turn on the television or open a newspaper these days without being reminded that it’s a presidential election year. Between caucusing and debating, watching poll numbers and listening to pundits, counting delegates and tracking endorsements, the complexities of democracy on a national scale can seem overwhelming.

But democracy lives in many forms and on many scales. Cooperatives are democratic organizations, too, controlled by member-owners who actively participate in setting policies and making decisions. Check out Cooperative Principle #2, Democratic Member Control. It’s democracy on a smaller scale, of course, but it’s also democracy in a purer form, driven by member-owners passionate about fresh, healthy food and bolstering the local economy.

As East Aurora Co-op Market member-owners, we all play an integral role in participating in our democratic organization. At our upcoming annual member-owner meeting in May, we’ll have an opportunity to meet as a community, ask questions, gain insights, build understanding, and exercise our vote for candidates for our Board of Directors. Information about the annual meeting, along with candidate information and ballots, will be sent out well in advance of the meeting. Please plan on attending if you can. For information about running for the board, please contact [email protected]. Applications are due by February 22, 2016.

We’re building more than a brick and mortar store at the East Aurora Co-op Market. Together, we’re building a strong, democratic Co-op community!