We’re all familiar with the turning point in a fundraising effort when the primary goal is within reach and a secondary goal emerges. That secondary goal? Making it stop. With great deference and all due respect to our fellow campaigners in the public radio and television world, we know that bringing the original goal of raising funds for a worthy cause together with the promise of ending the repetitive messages and calls to action…well, that’s a powerful combination with a magic all its own.

We are humbled by the growth of our member-owner base (930 and counting…!) and profoundly grateful to those who have invested in the Capital Campaign. Together we are getting closer to making the Co-op a reality.

We are also keenly aware of the fact that we have been filling your inboxes and Facebook feeds for several weeks with Capital Campaign updates and insights. We won’t take it personally if you want it to stop. Really, we won’t! We want a successful conclusion to the Campaign, too, so we can fully focus our efforts on the exciting work ahead…opening the East Aurora Co-op.

The best way to make it stop is to either invest or get your friends and family on board to invest. Once we hit our $875,000 goal, our emails, blog entries, and Facebook posts will take on a whole new focus: documenting the path to the Co-op’s opening day and beyond. And we can’t wait to write about that. For more information, or to invest, call Sheila Conboy (912-0672) or Mike Benzin (316-1090) or send an email to [email protected]. Thank you!