It’s so exciting to be carrying High Mowing Organic Seeds again at the co-op! I spend my winters working as a produce clerk here, but the rest of the year, I run my own organic vegetable farm, Dirt Rich Farm. I buy a majority of my seeds from High Mowing due to their reliable quality and good selection, so I’m happy to share these seeds with all of my customers at the co-op.

Why buy organic seed? Conventional seeds comes from generations of plants that were grown under conventional conditions, with the “fast food” of synthetic fertilizer and lots of pesticides to keep them safe from unfriendly bugs, bacteria, and fungi. When these seeds are grown under organic conditions, they don’t always do as well. When you buy organic seed, you know it’s coming from generations of plants that thrived under organic conditions, giving you the best chance at success in your garden.

So, now that it’s officially spring, are you ready to buy some seeds? If you want to start some seeds in a sunny window indoors to transplant into the garden once it’s spring, late March or early April is a great time to start Swiss chard and members of the cabbage family, like kale, broccoli, and cabbage.

Just want seeds that you can plant directly in your garden in a few weeks, once the soil can be worked? Peas and spinach are great to get in as soon as possible, because they do better before it gets too hot out. You can find great varieties of all these vegetables in rack of High Mowing Seeds in the produce department at the co-op.

Thanks for reading, and happy planting!